5 September 2019

Knit unique patterns with a softer texture

Scarf or Neck With ALIZE SUPERLANA MAXI thread and needles No. 10 We put points multiplied by 4 minus 1 point ie 31 or 35 or 39. 1st Needle: 3 points good 1 reverse from * to * repeats and finish with 3 good points. 2nd Needle: 1 point good 1 upside * 3 points…

25 April 2019

Make your own unique handmade knit bag too!

Wonderful EASY PLEXIS yarns, in many fantastic colors to create your own unique handmade knit bag. With yarn of your choice (SAL SIM or EASY Braid) we knit crochet chain multiple 4. 1st Series all goodies (good knitting side) 2nd Series 3ar 5 half legs in the same chain and we close them all together…